WCUSC/PFSA Spring Break Soccer Camp 2019

(2 Day, April 18th & 19th) 


First Touch Level Spring Break Camp (U6 - U8) 
Recreation Level Spring Break Camp (U9-U14) 

Travel Level Spring Break Camp (U08-U14) 

All camps 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM  

(2 day camp = $70 per player) 

@ Kildares Field (601 Westtown Rd, West Chester, PA 19395)

8:30 AM Player Drop off Available...

First Touch Spring Break Camp:  The main goal of the camp will be to provide a positive experience within a non-competitive environment, so everyone will enjoy playing the game. We will provide age-appropriate sessions with the focus on developing ball-control, technique and coordination. The goal is a “mastery with the ball,” which is the foundation to become a good and successful soccer player in the future. 

Recreation Program Spring Break Camp: This camp will focus on developing players technical ability, creativity, and game understanding in age / developmentally appropriate groups.  Each day there will a specific focus on the following areas: 1v1 Tricks & Changes of Direction, Passing & First Touch, Off the Ball Movement/Creativity, Shooting & Finishing.

Travel Program Spring Break Camp: This camp will focus on developing players game understanding, off the ball movement, and tactical / technical speed of play in competitive situations. This will encourage players to think more about how they apply themselves in a positive manner in practice & game situations.

Any question please email WCUSC/PFSA Camps Director Scott Bissett