West Chester United Soccer Club is always looking for volunteers to help the current staff run our highly successful recreation program. There are a many different ways someone can get involved with this program. Whether it be an Age Group Commissioner (AGC), volunteering as a coach, or in some other way! There are soccer clubs all over the country that fold every year due to lack of volunteer help. Volunteers are essential in providing a quality soccer experience for our young (and not so young!) soccer players.

There are 2 links on the left which will give you more information on the 2 most popular ways to volunteer with our recreation program. We also require volunteers to help with our End-of-Season Tournaments and our RecPlus tournament in a variety of positions.

Want to volunteer as a coach?

Have the time to volunteer as an Age Group Commissioner?

If you would like more information or to volunteer, please contact Frank Olszewski, League Director, folszewski@gmail.com or call 610-399-5277 ext. 12.