What is the difference between Recreation and Travel soccer?
Travel soccer is an option for players who are interested in a higher level of training and competition for soccer development. These players attend tryouts (usually late Spring) and compete for positions on teams within their age groups. There is more cost involved for travel teams as they have a paid coach for practices and games. There is additional cost due to travel teams participating in local, regional and national tournaments and event. Please go to the Travel section of our website for more information.
What equipment do I need to provide for my player?
Soccer cleats/sneakers
Soccer Ball for practices
·         Size 3 for U6-U8
·         Size 4 for U9-U12
·         Size 5 U13 and above
Shin guards
Water bottle
What age group can my child play in?
Players can play by year of birth or school grade. You can request that your child play in an age group to be with players in the same school grade. Players are discouraged from playing up or down a division that is out with their DOB or school grade. Approval of requests will only be given by the expressed written consent of the Recreation Leagues Administrator. The current list of age group birth date ranges is posted each season on the Registration Page of the website.  The age groups move once a year on August 1st, so if your player is in U6 in the Fall, they will also be U6 in the Spring season, then move up to U7 in the next Fall season.
When do the teams play?
Specific dates of play for the current season are on the website. Fall (outdoor) and Winter (indoor) games are usually played on Saturdays, Spring (outdoor) are usually on Sundays. There may be a few exceptions due to weather, field availability, or other factors not in our control.
Where do the teams play?
Game schedules are not set until registrations are closed and field availability and coaches are finalized. Most of our outdoor recreation games are held at Thornbury Soccer Park and Delacy Soccer Complex. We also have games held on local township fields, again, due to availability and field conditions. Our indoor games are held at various facilities in West Chester and surrounding communities.
When and where do teams practice?
Recreation teams will practice once per week for approx 1 hour during Fall & Spring. There is no midweek practice during the Winter season. The day, time and location all depend on coach and field availability. We mainly use local township fields in the West Chester area for practices. Your coach will contact you to advise you of the day, time and location of your practice after teams and coaches have been assigned. However, if you cannot attend the weekly practices for your team, contact your Age Group Commissioner and they will attempt to move your player to another team that practies on a different evening. Please note that this may not always be possible.
How long does the season last?
Generally, our seasons last approximately 8-10 weeks. This includes game days, practices and our End-of-Season Tournaments which are held at the end of the Fall & Spring seasons. There is no tournament at the end of the Winter indoor season. Game schedules are posted on the website shortly before the season starts.
Who will my child’s coach be?
Our recreation coaches are usually parent volunteers who give up their time to coach. We receive the names of volunteers at the time players are registered. We cannot honor requests to be on a certain team or with a certain coach! We have over 1000 players per season to assign to our recreation teams so we cannot honor these requests.
Can I have a carpool request?
WCUSC recognizes that carpooling is a necessity for some families in order to participate in soccer. For this reason we will do our best to honor carpooling requests. Carpool requests are the only special requests which will be honored. A player may only be involved in ONE carpool request with ONE other player. Example: Family A may request to carpool with Family B; neither Family A nor B may be involved in a carpool request with Family C. Signatures from both families must be included in order for the request to be honored.

Do we have team photos taken?
Each team will have a team photo taken before one game throughout the season. Dates will be announced on the website shortly before the season begins. Parents can then purchase these from WCUSC and dates for collection will also be announced on the website.
When & where do I pick up my child’s jersey?
Age Group Commissioners/Coaches will pick up team jerseys from the club and then will distribute them to players at practice or the teams’ first game, whichever comes first.
If it is raining, how will I know if the games will be played?
In the case of bad weather, WCUSC will update the website as early as possible regarding fields and schedules. All parents are encouraged to check the website the day of their game. WCUSC is not responsible for games lost due to weather and/or field conditions.  WCUSC reserves the right to schedule weather related make-up games on SATURDAYS during the Spring, and SUNDAYS during the Fall, if needed.  No refunds, partial or full, will be made due to games lost because of weather and/or field conditions.
What is the WCUSC policy on equal playing time in the recreation league?
Coaches are instructed to provide players with equal playing time. Because this is a recreational soccer league, our goal is to provide a fun, team environment in which to learn the game of soccer.