About the WCUSC RecPlus Program: In 2006 WCUSC created it’s RecPlus program. The goal of the WCUSC RecPlus program is to provide additional opportunities for players that excel within WCUSC recreation league. It will provide opportunities beyond the recreational program including further development of individual and team skills that can make the transition to competitive soccer easier. RecPlus players are required to participate in WCUSC recreational soccer program during the same season as the RecPlus tournament/festival. RecPlus players may be required to travel for games, and to regularly attend RecPlus specific practices in addition to WCUSC recreational team practices.

 What are the RecPLayer player expectations? 

  • Players are selected from the current WCUSC recreational soccer teams.
  • RecPlus is in addition to the recreational soccer program, players will participate in both programs.
  • Participate in the RecPlus practice sessions (typically one additional practice per week)
  • There is typically one or two RecPlus tournaments each recreational season (Spring / Fall)
  • The tournaments are within driving distance are typical one day (Sat or Sun)
  • RecPlus player dues (typically $30 to $45 per tournament)
  • Play at a higher level
  • Follow the coach’s directions
  • Play the position directed by the coach
  • Have fun! 

What are the RecPlus Coach Expectations?

  • Provide team leadership and coaching in addition to the Rec
  • Select one assistant
  • Request the nominated players from the your Age Group / devision
  • The coach will fill unresolved player roster gaps at their discretion
  • Submit medical forms and rosters
  • Have fun
  • Arrange practice field hold practice
  • Organize travel arrangements to the tournament
  • The Coach commitment ends after the tournament

Player Selection Process - WCUSC RecPlus  

  • Each season (Spring and Fall), new RecPlus teams are formed.
  • The RecPlus Coaches are selected during the Recreational season.
  • The RecPlus players are selected from the current Spring or Fall Recreational teams. 
  • The selected RecPlus Coaches request players from each of the teams in their age group / division. These are the top players with the right attitude and skills. 
  • Generally there are two players selected from each team.
  • Each team will have one Assistant Coach.
  • The RecPlus Coaches will be trained by our training staff to ensure they understand what is expected of a RecPlus coach.
  • The RecPlus coach will fill unresolved player roster gaps at their discretion. 
  • Player eligibility is based on age alone, not grade.
  • Players can play up in age.
  • No current Travel players.