About the WCUSC RecPlus Program: In 2006 WCUSC created it’s RecPlus program. The goal of the WCUSC RecPlus program is to provide additional player development opportunities for players that excel within WCUSC Recreation League.  Players will receive additional RecPlus specific training sessions, and will have an opportunity to represent WCUSC at specific 'select' tournaments throughout the year.
Why WCUSC RecPlus?
  • Exposure to higher qualified/experienced coaches.
  • Exposure to more dynamic training & game environment.
  • Exposure to new competition and tournaments.
  • Ability to train and play with talented players from within the WCUSC Recreation League.
  • Ability to represent WCUSC in the tri-state area.
  • Adidas RecPlus uniform.
Player Expectations/Requirements:
  • Players must be registered within the WCUSC Recreational League to be eligible for RecPlus selection.
  • Players must continue to fulfil their WCUSC Recreation team committments (players will participate in both the RecPlus Program & WCUSC League).
  • Players will particpate in 4 additional RecPlus practices prior to scheduled RecPlus tournaments. 
  • The below RecPlus tournaments have been selected for the season:
    • Fall:
      • U10 Boys: HFC Fall Classic (Nov 3rd)
      • U12 Boys: HFC Fall Classic (Nov 3rd)
      • U14 Boys: HFC Fall Classic (Nov 3rd)
      • U18/19 Boys: HFC Fall Classic (Nov 3rd)
      • U10 Girls: HFC Fall Classic (Nov 4th)
      • U12 Girls: HFC Fall Classic (Nov 4th)
      • U14 Girls: HFC Fall Classic (Nov 4th)
      • U18/19 Girls: HFC Fall Classic (Nov 4th)
    • Spring:
      • U10 Boys: WCUSC RecPlus Tournament (June)
      • U12 Boys: WCUSC RecPlus Tournament (June)
      • U14 Boys: WCUSC RecPlus Tournament (June)
      • U18/19 Boys: WCUSC RecPlus Tournament (June)
      • U10 Girls: WCUSC RecPlus Tournament (June)
      • U12 Girls: WCUSC RecPlus Tournament (June)
      • U14 Girls: WCUSC RecPlus Tournament (June)
      • U18/19 Girls: WCUSC RecPlus Tournament (June)
  • The tournaments are within driving distance are typically games are only scheduled on one day per weekend (Sat or Sun).
  • RecPlus player dues:
    • ​$70.00 / per season (includes RecPlus Reg Fee & Uniform Fee)

Player Selection Process:

  • Each season (Spring and Fall), new RecPlus teams are formed.
  • The RecPlus Coaches are selected during the Recreational season by the AGC's and Leagues Director.
  • The RecPlus players are selected from the current Spring or Fall Recreational teams. 
    • ​WCUSC League Coaches can nominate two players from their rosters to be selected as potential RecPlus players.
    • To be eligible for selection players must regularly impact their game and training environment on a regular basis.
    • Players must be commiited to their respective WCUSC team and have good attendnance records.
    • Players must always exihibit the WCUSC Core Values: Integrity, Committment, Sportsmanship, Community
  • Player eligibility is based on age alone, not grade.
  • Travel players are not permitted.