WCUSC RecPlus Coach

Information Guide

RecPlus Festival Fees
*      Fees cover tournament cost, RecPlus Jerseys and Patches. 
*      $40 / Player
*      You will have direct support of your AGC (Age Group Commissioner).
*      Your coaching commitment ends after the season’s tournaments. There are two seasons, Spring and Fall. 
*      Select one assistant coach.
*      Collect tournament fees and ensure the fees reach WCUSC by the listed date(s). WCUSC will submit the tournament registration,  fees and rosters for your team. The checks must be payable to “WCUSC”.
*      Solicit your age group division for nominated players. See “Player Selection” below.
*      Fill out your roster and present it on Game Day.
*      Arrange practice field though the Club and hold practice. RecPlus practice are usually held on the weekends as not to interfere with Recreational practices  
*      Organize travel arrangements to and from the tournaments.
*      Pickup and distribute WCUSC RecPlus shirts and Pins (exchange pins with opposing teams).
*      RecPlus must not interfere with Recreational Games or practices.
*      Provide team leadership and coaching in addition to your recreational responsibilities.
Player Selection (See table bellow):
*      The players are selected from the current Spring or Fall recreational teams. 
*      Each season (Spring and Fall), new RecPlus teams are formed.
*      Your AGC will supply the necessary coach contact information for all of the coaches in your Age Group.
*      You will request players from each of the teams in your division. The number of players to request will be comunicated to you by the WCUSC RecPlus Team Coordinator
*      You will fill unresolved player roster gaps at your discretion (RecPlus Coach Selected players). In some cases you will be selecting a several players at your discretion. Please do this as fairly as possible.
*      You should consider a goalie in the selection process.
*      Player eligibility is based on age alone, not grade. See the “Age Group Table” found under the "Club Information Tab" on the our club’s Main WEB Page.  
*      Players can play up in age.
*      No Travel players.
Request the following information from the coaches:  
*      Player Name:
*      Date of Birth:
*      Parents Name:
*      Home Phone #:
*      Email address:
*      It is important to verify the player availability via the parents.
*      Check the Date of Birth to ensure the players are age appropriate. 
*      Players in your age group could, in theory, be too old to play in the tournament.
See Web site for details (FESTIVAL OVERVIEW & RULES on the RecPlus FESTIVAL WEB Page)
  1. Receive the RecPlus Coaches documentation (this document).
  2. Receive your age groups coaches contact information.
  3. Send an email to the coaches requesting the established number of players 
  4. Receive the nominated players from each team.
  5. Contact the player’s parent to introduce yourself and verify the parents support.
  6. Update your roster, submit on Game Day.
  7. Collect the fees and deliver fees to the Club House by the communicated date.
  8. Setup your practice sessions. RecPlus practice are usually on the weekends as not to interfere with Recreational practices   
  9. Get it done on game day.