The WCUSC First Touch Soccer Program (FTSP) includes the U-06, U-07 and U-08 age groups in the West Chester United Soccer Club. The FTSP was created to offer the young players in our club an age appropriate environment where they have the opportunity to learn and develop as a player. Components of the Program are the First Touch Training and the First Touch U-08 Academy.

The 1st Touch Program is an age-appropriate introduction to a long-term training program at West Chester United Soccer Club with the aim of growing players love of the game. An important focus of the program is on teaching the very basic soccer-specific skills in a fun and friendly but challenging. All activities and games are designed specifically to suit their biological development and mental level while instilling a sense of fun, enjoyment and confidence.


An important objective of the program is to master the ball and learn the basic elements of technique. This is achieved using lots of simple exercises in small groups and through the use of fun games with varying rules and objectives. A great deal of the program time will be focused on developing the players to be comfortable on the ball in various situations, building to 1v1 & 2v1 scenarios, simple passing and possession, and attacking to goal as much as possible.


Ultimately, the aim is to provide our players with a diverse assortment of training activities, always picking challenges that the players can ultimately achieve & enjoy while enhancing their skills for long term development & success in the game.


Sample 6 week curriculum:

  • Close Control & Ball Mastery
  • Running/Driving With the Ball
  • 1v1 - Turning & Attacking skills
  • 2v1 & 3v2 Attacking skills
  • Passing, Receiving & Possession
  • Shooting & Scoring